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After the cremation, you will receive your loved one’s ashes in a temporary container. The remains can be buried, interred or scattered, but for many of us, keeping a loved one at home can be comforting. Alternatively, you might want to share the ashes, and for this, small keepsakes and jewellery mean you can always keep them close. Below is a guide to the options available to you, with accompanying icons to help you easily find a suitable product.

For The Home


We have a selection of ash caskets and decorative urns that have been specifically designed for keeping at home. These high quality items have a beautiful finish and can be displayed openly or kept in a private place. In time, the ashes can be buried, interred or scattered.

Interment & Burial


People often choose to bury the ashes of a loved one in a cemetery or natural burial ground. R Banks & Son offer a variety of urns designed by handicraft specialists from around the world using natural materials such as plant fibre, paper, bamboo, sea-grass, wood, clay and wool.



It is becoming increasingly popular to scatter the ashes of our loved ones, perhaps in a favourite location or across water. The scatter tubes are biodegradable and specifically designed to release the ashes smoothly, making it a simple and respectful process.



Our garden pieces include urns made in stone. The natural materials blend into the garden and often become a living feature, growing a layer of moss or lichen. Forever

Urns also offer living memorials; flowers and saplings which can be planted in memory of a loved one.

Water Burial


You can submerge the ashes in a lake, river or the sea as part of a water burial. These urns are made from suitable environmentally friendly materials including paper.

They couldn’t be more fitting and are biodegradable in water within three days.



These intricately made keepsakes come in a variety of styles and designs. They have been made in brass, copper, sterling silver and Vietnamese soft stone. Each one can hold a small amount of your loved one’s ashes and are ideal for sharing and displaying.

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